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    Clan Sponsership Criteria

    First, your clan MUST play Xbox 360 and preferably a war game such as the Call of Duty or Battlefield Series, Halo or other similar or future war games. We love our bullet buttons and they go perfect with these game types. All Gaming Clans are welcome to apply though.

    Second, your clan will need to have an online and physical presence such as your own Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel and other social media outlets to promote your clan and our company, as well as participation in online and local tournaments and the likes as you grow. The more noteworthy Achievements you have, the better chances you have of being accepted into the sponsorship program or even being bumped up in tiers.

    Your clan must be organized and have a code of conduct and act professionally in all circumstances. Remember you are an advocate of a company now so you must conduct yourselves with honor and respect. All clan members will be responsible for upholding their codes of conduct as set forth by the clan and/or by Vicious Controllers.

    Once the above requirements are in compliance, you will then need to fill out our Sponsorship Application and you must be approved. You will then be added to the sponsorship program and all benefits and sponsorship requirements will take effect at that time.

    Once your clan is in our sponsorship program, the only way to go is up and this comes with some amazing benefits for the clans that prove their worth and continue to grow in the gaming industry.

    To get to the top you will need to show a willingness to promote Vicious Controllers and the gaming industry both locally and internationally. Of course only the very best of the candidates will make it to the top tier, but that will be totally up to your clan and how well you do.

    You’ll need to show Vicious Controllers that you are willing to help us grow so that we can continue to support your clan as well as other clans in the future. Mentioning us when gaming or posting comments, reviews, videos and/or images of Vicious Controllers are all encouraged. Wear a Vicious Controllers t-shirt at tournaments, hang a banner and show off our products. Your job is to do what it takes to promote your sponsor and your clan so that we all benefit and grow.

    You are required to keep a Vicious Controllers banner on your web site at all times. This banner must link to our website at all times and should be placed near the top for easy viewing by visitors to your site.

    Any sponsored clan website not displaying the banner will be subject to removal from the sponsorship program at our discretion, at such time as we feel necessary, with no warning.

    You may also be required to use our Video Intros or other form of advertising in your YouTube and other videos to promote our website and our products. This is not a requirement for every clan but will definitely help you to promote us more effectively.

    The rules and requirements as well as tier levels are subject to change at any time without notification as we make changes and upgrades to our sponsorship programs.


    TIER 4:

    Entry Level Sponsorship

    TIER 3:

    TIER 2:

    TIER 1:

    Full Vicious Sponsorship