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    35 Mode - Commander XXXV & Extras

    << Elite Rapid Fire Modded Controllers 20 Mode - Valkyrie XX >>

    Brand: Vicious Controllers
    Product Code: vc-360-rfmk35
    Availability: In Stock
    Price: $23.99

    Available Options

    * LEDs:
    * Torx Driver:
    * Pro Kit PCB Add-on :
    Special Instructions:

       - OR -   

    XBOX 360 Controller - Commander XXXV - 35 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Kit With Free Extras

    Blow the competition away.  Vicious Controllers can help you get the competitive edge.  Enjoy your games even more with The Commander XXXV - 35 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Kit. This kit comes with everything you'll need to add the Commander  XXXV - 35 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Kit to your XBOX 360 Controller. 

    Our mods are compatible with most major shooters.  Plus we give you more modes so you can use our mods on more games than just typical first person shooters.  The Commander XXV - 35 deluxe mod chip can get the job done no matter how tuff the competition.   This will turn your semi automatic weapons into fully automatic machine guns.  This is the Grand-daddy of all mod chips.

    Also Includes Free LEDs And Free 9mm Bullet Buttons!!!!

    New And Improved Modes And Now User Adjustable!!!


    The Rapid Fire XBOX Controller Commander  XXXV - 35 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Kit includes the following:

    • Vicious Controllers Liberator  XXXV - 35 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Chip
    • Resistors
    • Kynar Wire
    • Tact Switch
    • Downloadable Instructions
    • High quality electronic components
    • Free LEDs in every kit with your choice of colors!!!
    • Free 9mm Bullet Buttons!!!
    • Torx T8 Driver
    • PCB Board

    XBOX 360 Controller Mode Mod Functions

    Mode Stack


    1. Rapid Fire 6 SPS
    2. Rapid Fire 7 SPS
    3. Rapid Fire 8 SPS
    4. Rapid Fire 9 SPS
    5. Rapid Fire 10 SPS
    6. Rapid Fire 11 SPS
    7. Rapid Fire 12 SPS

    Rapid Fire Classes

    1. Akimbo 6 SPS
    2. Akimbo 7 SPS
    3. Akimbo 8 SPS
    4. Akimbo 9 SPS
    5. Akimbo 10 SPS
    6. Akimbo 11 SPS
    7. Akimbo 12 SPS

    Akimbo Classes

    1. Auto Hold Sniper Breath
    2. Sniper Double Tap
    3. Sniper Tripple Tap
    4. MW3 Quick Scope
    5. LT Quick Scope

    Sniper Classes

    1. 3 Round Burst
    2. 5 Round Burst
    3. Aim Kneel
    4. Auto Run
    5. Tea Bag

    Miscellaneous Classes

    1. Drop Shot
    2. Drop Shot Plus Rapid Fire - 8 SPS
    3. Drop Shot - 9 SPS
    4. Drop Shot - 10 SPS
    5. Drop Shot - 11 SPS
    6. Drop Shot - 12 SPS
    7. Drop Shot/Reverse Drop Shot
    8. LT Drop Shot
    9. LT Drop Shot/ Reverse Drop

    Drop Shot Classes

    1. Zombies M14 Aim Assist
    2. Zombies: LMG Aim Assist

    Zombie Classes


    USA Seller - Ships fast from our warehouse

    Please note soldering is required to install our mod kits.  We also offer an install service to have your mod professionally installed.  Please use caution if you plan to install these yourself.  You could seriously damage your controller.  If in doubt, let us install it for you.  We've sold thousands of these kits and we want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase.  Please see our website or eBay store for more details.  We have many more prodcuts at our webstore.  Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.



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