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    Phantom - USB Programmable

    << Custom Console Build Service Crusher - USB Programmable >>

    Brand: Vicious Controllers
    Product Code: vc-360-phantomusb
    Availability: Out Of Stock
    Price: $24.99

    Available Options

    * LEDs:
    * Torx Driver:
    Special Instructions:

       - OR -   

    Now you can program your own modes! 

    The is our Phantom programmable mod kit. It comes with the Vicious Controllers Phantom mod chip which gives you control of RT, LT, B, and LJ. It's reprogrammable through a built in USB Port or can be stealth install to program through the play and charge cable.

    The kit comes with the mod itself, a T8 torx wrench, a tactile switch, and the key you will need to register your account on the website so that you can do your own programming.

    So your mod is unique to you. You only have the modes that you would use.

    Just a word of advice:  The more modes you have, the more difficult it is to cycle through all of them quickly during game play.  Although you can choose up to 35 modes on a single chip, you might want to consider a smaller number of modes when creating your own chip.  8  modes are easier to turn on/off and cycle through them during game play than a 35 mode.  We found the perfect balance is between 8- 12 modes on a single chip. 


    And the best part is that it is reprogrammable!!!

    This mod supports USB, so you can plug the mod into your computer to reprogram it. Other than an USB cable no extra hardware is needed!!!  Compatible with all Xbox 360 controller boards:  Matrix/Matrix 2/CG/CG2 controller boards!


    Make this the last mod you ever buy!!!

    Since you can reprogram the mod yourself, if a new game comes out (or if you just change your fighting style) you aren't stuck with a static mod that has modes that you will never use and just get in the way. Just reprogram your controller adding or removing what modes you want or don't want.

    We have over 20 premade modes that you can choose from, or you can make your own using our custom website!!!


    Each mod kit comes with...

    • Vicious Controllers Phantom mod chip and pvb board (wires included and pre-soldered to mod)
    • A tactile switch
    • A Torx T8 Security bit to open your controller
    • A registration key to register your myMod-Phantom account so you can program your controller


    And if you want to do a Stealth mod, you can do that too. Instead of the onboard USB port on the mod, you can use the Play 'n Charge port on the controller to program the mod. Also, instead of the tactile switch you can wire directly to the Sync button on the controller.


    Here are the modes we currently offer...

    RT Rapid Fire 8 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 9 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 10 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 11 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 12 Shots/s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 8 /s
    Auto-Akimbo (RT)
    Auto Breath Hold
    Drop Shot
    Tea Bag
    RT Burst Fire 2 /s
    HS10 Auto Akimbo
    Auto Run
    Quick Scope
    Plasma Pistol Rapid Fire
    Dual Wield Plasma Pistols
    Carbine Rapid Fire
    Shotgun Melee
    Drop Shot, Reset
    Sniper Double Shot
    3 Round Burst
    5 Round Burst
    Zombies: M14 Aim Assist
    Zombies: LMG Aim Assist

    And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what this mod is capable of doing!!!!


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