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    18 Mode - Badger XVIII

    Brand: Vicious Controllers
    Product Code: vcd-rfmkb18
    Availability: In Stock
    Price: $13.99

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    * LEDs:
    * Torx Driver:
    * Pro Kit PCB Add-on :
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    18 Mode - Badger XVIII

    Blow the competition away.  Vicious Controllers can help you get the competitive edge.  Enjoy your games even more with The Badger XVIII - 18 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Kit. This kit comes with everything you'll need to add the The Badger XVIII - 18 Mode Rapid Fire Mod Kit to your XBOX 360 Controller

    Our mods are compatible with most major shooters.  Plus we give you more modes so you can use our mods on more games than just typical first person shooters.  The Badger is a deluxe mod chip that can get the job done no matter how tuff the competition.   This will turn your semi automatic weapons into fully automatic machine guns.  We've specialized this chip with new modes not seen before in our other chips.

    PWN your opponents with this ultimate custom mod chip.

    This is a complete kit which includes:


    • 18 Mode Badger Mod Chip
    • Kynar Modding Wire
    • Resistors
    • Tact switch is included.
    • For CG/CG2 controllers. ****Owners who have the Matrix/Matrix 2 controllers will need to purchase a specialized breakout board called a Matrix Expansion Board. ***


    If you have questions about which type of controller you have, then give us a call, email, or look in help tab.

    Mode Stack


     1.  Rapid Fire 8 SPS

     2.  Rapid Fire 9 SPS -   User Adjustable

     3.  Rapid Fire 10 SPS - User Adjustable

     4.  Rapid Fire 11 SPS - User Adjustable
                                 (World at War Patch Buster)

     5.  Rapid Fire 12 SPS - User Adjustable

    Rapid Fire Classes

     6.   Akimbo 8 SP - User Adjustable

     7.   Akimbo 10 SPS - User Adjustable

     8.   Akimbo 12 SPS - User Adjustable

    Akimbo Classes

     9.  Auto Aim/Kneel (Mimic)

    Mimic Classes

    10.  Jump Shot LT Cancel

    11.   Jump/Drop Shot LT Cancel

    Jump Shot Classes

    12.  Drop Shot

    13.  Drop Shot Rapid Fire 8 SPS - User Adjustible

    14.  Drop Shot Rapid Fire 12 SPS - User Adjustible

    15.   Drop Shot - Left Trigger Cancel

    16.   Drop Shot/Reverse Drop - Left Trigger Cancel

    Drop Shot Classes

    17.  Zombies: LMG Aim Assist

    Zombie Classes

    18.  Sniper Quickscope - User Adjustible

                             Sniper Classes

    Mod Kit Features:
    • Easy On/Off.
    • Easy Sleep mode.                   
    • Easy mode change.                        
    • Mode LED indicator.                 
    • Mode Memory.                     
    • No trigger lag like our competitors.
    • Downloadable Instructions And User Guide (you will be sent a link to your email address associated with your eBay account, please have  this updated)
    • Compatible with Xbox Live
    • This is a new release and totally updated.
    • Support Forum Assistance
    • Best mod kit in eBay.
    • Out of the box compatibly with CG/CG2 Controllers

       Please note:  Matrix/Matrix2/Wired controllers will need an addition piece of hardware call a Matrix Expansion Board (MXB) sold through our online store.


    Guys, these are not lego kits.  I'm doing you a favor by telling you this upfront.  It does take some basic electronic knowledge and skill handling SMD electronic components to install our mod kits. Please note that soldering is required for successful installation of our mod kits.  If you're under 18, please clear this with your parents first.  Please use caution if you plan to install these yourself. You could seriously damage your controller or even yourself.  

    We've sold thousands of these mod kits.  Our kits are top notch, they work really well, and we want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase...but if you're in doubt, do yourself a favor and let us install it for you.  It's well worth it and our installation rates are very reasonable.  We guarantee and warrantee all mod kit installation.

    We've made mod kit installation simple for our customers, we offer a mail-in install service to have your mod kit professionally installed.  You just mail us your controller, we mod it, and send it back.  


    Note: These rapid fire modes are specific to MW3/BF3 and other first person shooter games and are subject to being patched at any time, thus they can become non-functional in the future. This is outside of our control; however, we guarantee that our modes work at the time of your purchase. All games that are in production today limit the amount of repetitive button presses because of the popularity of rapid fire mod chips; therefore, you can actually have too fast of a mod which will cause your weapons to not work correctly and "jam up”. In saying this, some rapid fire modes that are used with automatic weapons may not work correctly due to the cap that the programmers placed in the game code. Unfortunately, this cannot be worked around; however, we've found that for fast cycling weapons some rapid fire modes actually slows the fire rate down just enough which allows you to save more ammo, and it also mimics a stutter fire weapon. This is a pretty cool side effect, and one you can add to your arsenal, but not everyone will like this. It's not intended and cannot be adjusted. Rapid fire mods are really meant to be used with single shot semi-automatic weapons, but you may find other uses for these modes in other games.

    Contrary to popular belief, these mods are legal and can be used on XBL. Rapid fire modded controllers and mods will not cause you to get banned by Microsoft on Xbox Live.

    These mods do not circumvent any content protection or promote any piracy whatsoever.

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