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    Centruion Programmable Controller

    << Vicious Stix Controller Repair Service >>

    Brand: Vicious Controllers
    Product Code: vcc-rp360c
    Availability: In Stock
    Price: $119.00

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    Check out our fully programmable controllers.  Compatible with even more games than regular rapid fire controllers.  If you want to dominate the competition then look no further. Vicious Controllers can help you get the competitive edge. 

    Our Centurion Fully Programmable controller will allow you to make your own modes.  Since you can reprogram the controller yourself, if a new game comes out aren't stuck with the same old modes that you will never use. Just reprogram your controller!

    This controller has a USB interface, so you can plug the controller into your computer to reprogram it. Other than an USB cable, there's no extra hardware needed!

    Example Modes

    You can program your own macro modes, but this is just a few example modes that we have premade

    RT Rapid Fire 7 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 8 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 9 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 10 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 11 Shots/s
    RT Rapid Fire 12 Shots/s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 7 /s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 8 /s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 9 /s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 10 /s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 11 /s
    Akimbo Rapid Fire 12 /s
    Auto-Akimbo (RT)
    Auto Sniper Breath
    Auto Reload
    Jump Drop Shot
    Jump Drop Shot, Reset
    Jump Shot
    Tea Bag
    RT Burst Fire 2 /s
    HS10 Auto Akimbo
    Auto Run
    Quick Scope
    Plasma Pistol Rapid Fire
    Dual Wield Plasma Pistols
    Carbine Rapid Fire
    Shotgun Melee
    Drop Shot
    Drop Shot, Reverse Drop
    Sniper Double Tap
    3 Round Burst
    5 Round Burst
    Zombies: M14 Aim Assist
    Zombies: LMG Aim Assist
    Cooked Grenade





    • Fully programmable
    • Controls the two triggers (RT and LT) and the 8 most used buttons (A, B, X, Y, RJ, LJ, RB, LB).
    • Tact switch added underneath your controller to change modes
    • USB Interface through the plug and play cable
    • The 4th Player LED will flash the number of the mode you are switched to.


    Every weapon has it's own sweet spot where it performs best with a particular rapid fire mode. Rapid fire mods total change the way you play. You'll find yourself going back and playing your older games just to see what kind of difference it will make in your killstreaks.

    Proud to be a USA Seller - Ships fast from our warehouse

    We use only Genuine Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers

    Free LED mod with the colors of your choice.

    Now In Stock ...

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