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    18 Mode - Harrier XVIII

    << 16 Mode - Osprey XVI XCM LED Thumbsticks >>

    Brand: Vicious Controllers
    Product Code: vcd-rfmk18
    Availability: In Stock
    Price: $15.99

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    * LEDs:
    * Torx Driver:
    * Pro Kit PCB Add-on :
    Special Instructions:

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    18 Mode - Harrier XVIII

    This is one of our very specialized mod kits for the gamer who knows what they like. We've taken the best modes and compiled them into a single chip. Less on repetitive rapid fire modes, and more on the specialized modes.

    This is a complete kit which includes:


    • Kynar Wire
    • For CG/CG2 controllers. ****Owners who have the Matrix/Matrix 2 controllers will need to purchase a specialized breakout board. ***
    • T8-H Torx driver to open controller
    • Tact switch is included, but this chip can also be installed as a stealth mod.


    If you have questions about which type of controller you have, then give us a call, email, or look in help tab.

    Mode Stack


      1. Rapid Fire - (RT Trigger) – 8 SPS
      2 Rapid Fire - (RT Trigger) – 9 SPS
      3. Rapid Fire - (RT Trigger) – 10 SPS
      4. Rapid Fire - (RT Trigger) - 12 SPS (User Adjustable)

    Rapid Fire Classes

      5. Akimbo - (Dual Triggers) - 8 SPS
      6. Akimbo - (Dual Triggers) - 9 SPS
      7. Akimbo - (Dual Triggers) - 10 SPS (User Adjustable)

    Akimbo Classes

      8. Auto Hold Sniper Breath
      9. Sniper Double Tap
      10. MW3 Quick Scope
      11. LT Quick Scope

    Sniper Classes

      12. 3 Round Burst
      13. Aim Kneel

    Miscellaneous Classes

      14. Drop Shot
      15. Drop Shot Plus Rapid Fire - 8 SPS (User Adjustable)
      16. Drop Shot/Reverse Drop Shot

    Drop Shot Classes

      17. Zombies M14 Aim Assist
      18. Zombies: LMG Aim Assist

    Zombie Classes


    • Easy Sleep mode.
    • Easy On/OFF.
    • Auto-config
    • Easy mode change so you can go from mode to mode without having to flick through all modes. Moves backwards and forwards.
    • LED indicator.
    • Free LEDs with the colors of your choice. We have all colors.


    Note: These rapid fire modes are specific to MW3/BF3 and other first person shooter games and are subject to being patched at any time, thus they can become non-functional in the future. This is outside of our control; however, we guarantee that our modes work at the time of your purchase. All games that are in production today limit the amount of repetitive button presses because of the popularity of rapid fire mod chips; therefore, you can actually have too fast of a mod which will cause your weapons to not work correctly and "jam up”. In saying this, some rapid fire modes that are used with automatic weapons may not work correctly due to the cap that the programmers placed in the game code. Unfortunately, this cannot be worked around; however, we've found that for fast cycling weapons some rapid fire modes actually slows the fire rate down just enough which allows you to save more ammo, and it also mimics a stutter fire weapon. This is a pretty cool side effect, and one you can add to your arsenal, but not everyone will like this. It's not intended and cannot be adjusted. Rapid fire mods are really meant to be used with single shot semi-automatic weapons, but you may find other uses for these modes in other games.

    Contrary to popular belief, these mods are legal and can be used on XBL. Rapid fire modded controllers and mods will not cause you to get banned by Microsoft on Xbox Live.

    These mods do not circumvent any content protection or promote any piracy whatsoever.

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